Monday, December 15, 2008

Chronicles from the Farm

It's the first day... the first day of blogging. I know, I know. You'd think I'd get the hang of it before now but you have to start somewhere. I've been inspired by fellow bloggers and given the chance, I'm hopeful that this will lead to bigger and better things.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!! :) I came via Cold Antler....nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy the blogging experience...I am a relative newbie too and have quickly become addicted. :)

  2. I say 'Welcome!', too! And, I, too, followed you from a comment you made on Cold Antler Farm.

    Blogging is fun, addicting, and . . . sometimes demanding . . . because you feel an obligation to post fairly regularly and frequently once you establish a reader base. (Okay, so in my case, that [ocassionaly complaining] reader base is just my mother.)

    My husband and I live (some people would consider) remotely - 700 yards from the Canadian border in northeastern Minnesota. Being so far "out", we're off grid. Our nearest neighbor is 13 (driving) miles away. Our winter driveway is 4 miles long. (I'm the Plow Girl!) It was -20 the other morning, and it's -5 right now as I write. Fortunately, I LOVE winter!

    I'll look forward to checking in on you!

    Happy Holidays, Chicken Mama